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  • Plugins

    Stryker supports a number of plugins, which are listed below. You can also search npm for the stryker-plugin tag.

    Don't worry about the reporters if you're just starting out. The needed plugins will be installed for you if you're following out quickstart.

    Missing something? Feel free to create an issue or

    Test runners

    Test frameworks

    Stryker is test framework agnostic, however if you plugin hooks to the test framework you are using, it can significantly improve the performance by using coverageAnalysis: 'perTest'. For more information about coverage analysis, see the stryker readme.


    Stryker already has 4 reporters build in:

    • progress: Report progress during mutation testing.
    • dots: Report progress as dots during mutation testing.
    • clear-text: A clear text report at the end of the mutation testing phase.
    • event-recorder: Write all events to disk. Useful for debug purposes (default location: 'reports/mutation/events')

    The html reporter can be installed a separate dependency. It can generate a html report. For more info, see the @stryker-mutator/html-reporter readme


    The actual mutating part of your code is done via a mutator plugin.

    Config writers

    A config writer is a plugin that can rewrite your stryker configuration during initialization. It is used by a few packages. We're thinking about deprecating it as it can lead to complicated setups with unexpected results.

    <Your plugin here>

    You can write your own plugins for Stryker. Interested? Come and have a chat at our gitter.

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