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Current state

The following have been added to secure Fsharp support in the future:


  • FsharpCompilingProcess.cs
    used to compile fsharp SyntaxTrees
  • Fsharp variant of the ProjectComponents
    used to simulate a file structure in Stryker, and keep track of files in general
  • FsharpProjectComponentsBuilder.cs
    used to instantiate the ProjectComponents for F#
  • a set of classes to create Orchestrators for F# SyntaxTrees (ParsedInput)
    used to iterate over a given SyntaxTree
  • FsharpMutationProcess.cs added to connect the different processes
  • MutationTestProcess.cs used to start the FsharpMutationProcess.cs


  • FSharp.Compiler.Service
  • Microsoft.FSharp
  • FSharp.Core


  • a .fs file to use for the creation of tests for the F#-components
  • a test project written in F# to use as input for
  • a C# project use to test the process of iterating on a SyntaxTree in F#
  • general cleanup of existing code