Welcome to the Stryker.NET technical references! In this wiki you will find background knowledge about Stryker.NET and some technical details.

Why Stryker.NET#

Before Stryker moved to .NET there already were some mutation testing tools available for mutantion testing C# code. None seemed to be able to mutate .NET Core projects. With Stryker.NET we wanted to broaden the mutation test landscape.


Our long term goals are:

  • Offer broad support for .NET projects
    • .NET Framework 4.6+
    • .NET Core 1.0+
    • .NET 5+
    • C#
    • F#
  • Be a blazing fast mutation test framework
  • Have the most detailed reporting experience for tracking down bugs


Stryker.NET is the result of an internship and became open-source in July 2018.