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Stryker supports React projects using Jest with both JSX and TSX code.

JSX project#

Recommended stryker packages: npm i -D @stryker-mutator/core @stryker-mutator/jest-runner @stryker-mutator/javascript-mutator @stryker-mutator/html-reporter

Recommended other packages:

  • jest 23.0.0 or higher


After installing the recommended packages, create the stryker.conf.js file in your repository. The configuration below contains a good starting point for React projects. You may have to change some paths like the mutate array.

Coverage analysis is unfortunately not supported as of right now.

module.exports = function (config) {
mutate: ['src/**/*.js?(x)', '!src/**/*@(.test|.spec|Spec).js?(x)'],
mutator: 'javascript',
testRunner: 'jest',
reporter: ['progress', 'clear-text', 'html'],
coverageAnalysis: 'off',
jest: {
project: 'react',

TSX projects#

For projects using TypeScript and TSX, you can follow the JSX guide but with a few differences:

Recommended stryker packages: npm i -D @stryker-mutator/core @stryker-mutator/jest-runner @stryker-mutator/typescript @stryker-mutator/html-reporter


mutate: ['src/**/*.ts?(x)', '!src/**/*@(.test|.spec|Spec).ts?(x)'],
mutator: 'typescript',