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Stryker supports Angular projects using the Angular CLI between @angular/cli 6.1.0 and 8.3.29. Are you using an older version? Then there are some tips later in this document.

@angular/cli 6.1.0-8.3.29

This setup only works with @angular/cli 6.1.0-8.3.29. Are you using an older version of Angular? Then we highly suggest upgrading to at least version 6.1.0 of the cli. You can use the Angular Update Guide to help you with this. If it's not possible for you to upgrade your Angular version, please check out this repo and its commits.


Install the Stryker packages using this command: npm i -D @stryker-mutator/core@3 @stryker-mutator/karma-runner@3 @stryker-mutator/typescript@3 @stryker-mutator/html-reporter@3

Recommended other packages:

  • @angular/cli 6.1.0-8.3.29
  • @angular-devkit/build-angular 0.7.2-0.803.29
  • karma 2.0.4 or higher
  • typescript 2.4.2 or higher


After installing the recommended packages, create the stryker.conf.js file in your repository. The configuration below contains a good starting point for Angular projects. You may have to change some paths or config settings like the selected browsers. We highly suggest using a headless browser when testing using stryker.

Coverage analysis with @stryker-mutator/jasmine-framework is unfortunately not supported as of right now.

module.exports = function (config) {
mutate: ['src/**/*.ts', '!src/**/*.spec.ts', '!src/test.ts', '!src/environments/*.ts'],
mutator: 'typescript',
testRunner: 'karma',
karma: {
configFile: 'src/karma.conf.js',
projectType: 'angular-cli',
config: {
browsers: ['ChromeHeadless'],
reporters: ['progress', 'clear-text', 'html'],
// maxConcurrentTestRunners: 2, // Recommended to not use all cores when running stryker with angular.
coverageAnalysis: 'off',

It is recommended to configure the maxConcurrentTestRunners option and configure about half of your available cores there.


Run Stryker using npx stryker run