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Cucumber Runner

A plugin to use CucumberJS in StrykerJS

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Note: this plugin only supports the @cucumber/cucumber nodejs test runner. If you're running cucumber with Jest or Karma, be sure to use those respective test runners instead.


Install @stryker-mutator/cucumber-runner locally within your project folder, like so:

npm i --save-dev @stryker-mutator/cucumber-runner

Peer dependencies

The @stryker-mutator/cucumber-runner is a plugin for stryker to enable @cucumber/cucumber as a test runner. As such, you should make sure you have the correct versions of its dependencies installed:

  • @cucumber/cucumber
  • @stryker-mutator/core


You can configure the cucumber test runner in the stryker.conf.json (or stryker.conf.js) file.

"testRunner": "cucumber",
"cucumber": {
"profile": "stryker",
"features": ["my-features/my-feature.feature"],
"tags": ["my-tag"]

The cucumber runner supports loading cucumber profiles from your cucumber.js configuration file. The default profile will automatically be loaded if none was specified.

cucumber.profile [string]

Default: "default"

Choose which profile to run. See cucumber profiles

cucumber.features [string[]]

Default: ["features"]

Choose which features to load. See Running specific features.

cucumber.tags [string[]]

Default: undefined

Choose which tags to focus. See Tags.

Coverage analysis

The @stryker-mutator/cucumber-runner plugin supports coverage analysis, test filtering and test location reporting. This means that --coverageAnalysis perTest (which is the default) is supported and will yield the best performance.

Non-standard feature file locations

Your feature files might be located in a directory other than features. For example: my-features. In that case, you might have your default profile in cucumber.js config file defined as:

module.exports = {
default: 'my-features/**/*.feature'

And use this StrykerJS configuration

"testRunner": "cucumber"

This will work. Stryker will use your default profile and load any options you provide there. Unfortunately this will remove this plugins ability to filter tests, meaning that pretty much all the tests are executed for each mutant.

A solution is to specify a shadow profile and use that for Stryker:

module.exports = {
default: 'my-features/**/*.feature',
+ stryker: ''

And use this StrykerJS configuration

"testRunner": "cucumber",
+ "cucumber": {
+ "profile": "stryker",
+ "features": ["my-features/**/*.feature"]
+ }

This will make sure your feature files are run during the dry run and still allow the plugin to filter specific tests during the mutation testing phase.