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Stryker.NET 4.0 is here!

3 min read
Richard Werkman
Stryker.NET Team

Hello there! We're excited to share some fantastic news about the latest version of Stryker.NET. We hit a huge milestone of 2 million downloads! 馃コ The team has been hard at work and has introduced some significant updates that will enhance the user experience and functionality of the platform.

Exciting new features for Stryker.NET

5 min read
Richard Werkman
Stryker.NET Team

The new Stryker.NET is packed with a lot of new awesome features 馃殌 For the past few months we've been working hard and introduced a lot of new mutators. This can have an effect on your mutation score. So don't be surprised if your score comes out a bit higher or lower after updating. Here is a short summary of everything new.

One mutation testing HTML report

3 min read
Nico Jansen
Stryker Team

If you've used Stryker before, you'll know that it produces a gorgeous report you can view in the browser. It works by generating HTML files based on the events raised by Stryker. During development of Stryker4s and Stryker.NET, we realized that producing the same report would be a lot of work.

Instead of a new HTML reporter implementation for each Stryker framework, we've decided to move the logic of presenting the report to your browser. That way, any framework can support an HTML report simply by producing a JSON file.

We call it mutation testing elements and it is implemented using the mature web components suite of features. You can now use it in Stryker, Stryker.NET and Stryker4s