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Announcing Real-time Reporting for Stryker.NET

ยท 2 min read
Xander Vedder
Stryker Team

Wait no longer to see the results of your mutation testing! With this new addition to Stryker.NET, you can receive real-time feedback, enabling you to identify and address survived mutants as soon as they are identified!

Getting startedโ€‹

Install Stryker.NET version 3.8.0 or higher using the getting started, or update the dotnet-stryker tool version to at least 3.8.0 in your .config/dotnet-tools.json file and run dotnet tool restore:

"tools": {
"dotnet-stryker": {
+ "version": "3.8.0",
"commands": ["dotnet-stryker"]

Enable real-time reporting with dotnet stryker --open-report (or -o for short) in Stryker.NET!

The problemโ€‹

Mutation testing is a slow process, and developers must wait until the end of the mutation test to see results. This delay in feedback can result in a long inner dev loop, as developers may need to spend additional time debugging and fixing issues that could have been identified earlier in the process.

The solutionโ€‹

With real-time reporting, the HTML report updates whenever a new mutant result is available, providing developers with immediate feedback. As a result, developers can identify and address issues in their code earlier because they don't have to wait until mutation testing finishes to see results.


See how the report gets updates in real-time:

It is also possible to view a file with mutants that have not run yet (these mutants are marked as Pending):

Pending mutants

What's next?โ€‹

Now that this feature is implemented for Stryker.NET, we will be focussing of getting it into all other flavors as well. So look forward to real-time reporting coming to StrykerJS and Stryker4s in the near future.

Furthermore, since we're sharing the HTML report as a separate open source project, we encourage other mutation testing frameworks to start implementing this feature as well. We'll add documentation to mutation-testing-elements to help implementers soon.