Welcome to the blog page of Stryker. Here we post stories to inform developers about the usage of Stryker and the new possibities it brings.

Announcing Stryker 4.0 Beta: Mutation Switching

We're excited to announce the beta of the next major release of the Stryker mutation testing framework for JavaScript and friends: Stryker 4.0. 13 July 2020

Integrating Stryker.NET in your azure pipelines

Over the past few months we have been working hard to integrate Stryker.NET with azure pipelines. Learn how you can leverage our new features to include mutation testing in your continuous integration. 19 May 2020

Announcing: Stryker 100% mode

We're proud to announce 100% mode. Achieving great tests has never been this easy! Coming to a mutation testing framework near you! 1 April 2020

Announcing Stryker 3.0

Stryker 3.0 is here! New config format and dropping support for node 8. 11 March 2020

Stryker dashboard: host your mutation testing report

📊 The Stryker Dashboard can now host your mutation testing report in the cloud. 27 December 2019

Announcing Stryker 2.0

Stryker 2.0 is here! Officially dropping support for Node 6 and some housekeeping. 17 May 2019

Announcing Stryker.NET 0.10 with .NET Framework support

Stryker.NET 0.10 is here! This brings new features to mutation testing for .NET. Read all about these features in this blog. 5 April 2019

One mutation testing HTML report

Introducing Mutation Testing Elements. The generic html report for all mutation testing frameworks. 3 March 2019

Announcing Stryker 1.0

Stryker 1.0 is here! This is an important milestone for mutation testing in JavaScript and TypeScript. 13 February 2019

Stryker4s 0.1.0 released

This is the first official release of Stryker4s! Bringing easy mutation testing to Scala sbt projects. And it comes with some great features. 25 December 2018

Announcing Stryker 0.34

Stryker 0.34 is here. If you're unfamiliar with mutation testing, it's a way to test the effectiveness of your tests. Stryker is the mutation testing framework for JavaScript and TypeScript. This new version comes with features to help you get started. It's never been this easy to mutation test your JS project! 24 December 2018

Mutation switching in Stryker4s

Learn how Stryker4s uses mutation switching to improve performance. 6 October 2018

Introducing Stryker.NET and Stryker4s

We're excited to announce that we're doubling the number of supported languages for Stryker. We already had support for JavaScript and Typescript, and now both C# and Scala are supported as preview versions. Try them out and let us know what you think. 27 September 2018

Use git to select files

The 0.21 release of Stryker simplifies configuration by using your git database. 4 April 2018

Get your mutation score badge now!

Always wanted a fancy mutation score badge for your github project? Well friend, today is your lucky day. 8 February 2018

Webpack support is here

Webpack support is here! With this latest release you will now be able to teach Stryker how to create your test bundle. 26 January 2018

TypeScript coverage analysis support

Let's start this new year strong. Stryker 0.18 adds coverage analysis support for transpilers, starting with the TypeScript transpiler. 10 Januari 2018

Stryker adds Babel support

A new Stryker plugin that adds support for Babel projects has just been released! 1 December 2017

New HTML reporter

The Stryker HTML Reporter version 0.10 has a lot of new features, but more importantly: a sexy new look. 28 October 2017

TypeScript support

Stryker 0.10 marks the biggest change in Stryker history yet, as we now support running mutation testing on TypeScript code. 6 October 2017

Stryker 0.8 release

Stryker 0.8 just released with better CI integration and configurable thresholds. 11 August 2017

Road to Stryker 1.0

Stryker is about two years old. During this time we achieved a lot. But it's far from finished. So, what's next? Let's take a glimpse in the future. 14 July 2017

Stryker 0.6.4 released

This release of Stryker brings a number of new features and improvements. Including a new quickstart and a number of reporter improvements. 10 June 2017

Stryker weekend

During the last weekend of January we spent a weekend with ten students from the HAN University and University of Twente developing valuable features for Stryker! 21 February 2017

Introduction to mutation testing

How do you know when you're done writing unit tests for your code? Most people use code coverage to measure the quality of their tests. Code coverage wasn't built for this. Fortunately, mutation testing was built for this! 17 January 2017

Happy new Stryker!

A Happy new Year starts with a Happy new Stryker release! Made possible by the first ever Stryker Hackweek! 1 January 2017

Stryker 0.5.5 released!

The latest version of Stryker, version 0.5.5, has been released! This release bring a number of improvements that will make your life easier. 30 December 2016