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    Install Stryker4s by cloning the Stryker4s repository

    1 Prepare

    Make sure you have Java installed. Open a terminal / command prompt and change directory to the Stryker4s repository.

    3 Configure

    After cloning the repository, create a stryker4s.conf file in the root of the Stryker4s repository. The configuration below contains a good starting point to run Stryker4s with the command test-runner. You will have to edit the base-dir to match the codebase you want to mutate. Also, make sure the test-runner is configured with the commands you need to run your unit tests.

    stryker4s {
      files: [
       base-dir: "/tmp/project"
       log-level: INFO
       test-runner: {
        type: commandrunner
        command: "sbt"
        args: "test"
       reporters: ["console"]

    3 Let's kill some mutants

    Stryker will run based on the given configuration in the stryker4s.conf. Running stryker now is easy, just do a simple sbt run and Stryker4s will (hopefully) kill the mutants!

    4 Having trouble?

    Having troubles? Try enabling debug logging by adding log-level: 'debug' to your stryker4s.conf. If you are having issues please let us know by reporting an issue or talk to us on Gitter.

    Need help?